Data Security Standards

Fast Track Investigations Ltd. takes security of our client’s information very seriously. Data is protected utilizing a multi-layer defense in depth approach.

Private Investigation Data Security

Fast Track Investigations Ltd. is a paperless investigative agency. The information we obtain from clients and during the course of our investigations is stored on a SQL Server in Vancouver, Canada.

Our secured system limits the investigators access only to what is needed for them to properly conduct the investigation. Information on our servers is secured with 256 AES encryption.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides peace of mind and is also governed by Canadian Privacy Law (PIPEDA). Security engineered into the Everest platform include:

  • 24/7 On-site security with multiple electronic and biometric access control points
  • Access to Data Centre limited to authorized DC Technicians
  • Integrated Juniper ISG firewall and VPN services
  • Integrated Alertlogic network IDS service
  • Integrated Solidcore change auditing and control service
  • Zoned networking at compute and storage layers isolates clients data
  • Comprehensive permission management system

Fast Track Investigations provides our clients with yet another layer of security to protect records and information.

We have a fully alarmed & monitored security system installed at the office and 24 hr surveillance video monitoring where we conduct our business.

Fireproof locking file cabinets are utilized in the offices to enhance additional security and privacy of documents.

We utilize 256 bit encryption software on the hard drive of our desktop and laptop computers to protect confidentiality of data.

Our computers are equipped with Antivirus software. This software gives real-time protection against Antivirus, Anti-Spyware and Advanced Privacy Protection. Protecting our systems during online browsing, email, file transfers and outside attacks.

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