Domestic Investigation

Family and domestic relations issues are emotionally stressful and taxing. Hiring our investigators to gain clarity regarding the relevant issues of your case will strengthen your position tremendously and ultimately get you the results you are looking for. According to research conducted recently, conducting a thorough investigation can strengthen your case by a whopping 75%.

Domestic Private Investigation

Divorce Investigation

Vancouver Divorce Investigator

Is your ex-spouse working "under the table" and not claiming employment income, thereby impacting child support payments needed to care for your child? Are you worried about matters of infidelity? Are you worried about your child's welfare while under the care and supervision of your ex-spouse? If your answer is "yes" to any one of these situations, through discreet investigations and surveillance we may be able to obtain the evidence you need for court or closure.

We employ a first class team of highly trained/experienced professionals that have unrestricted licenses. They are strategic thinkers and have the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations. Our investigators are discreet and knowledgeable regarding Privacy Laws and Legislation. At the outset of every investigation, we create a customized plan of action in order to maximize our surveillance efforts. We provide regular reports of the surveillance activities to our clients as matters unfold. These high standards ensure the highest quality results in the most demanding of cases.

Surveillance Investigation is an integral part of a Divorce Investigation Learn More

Background Check Investigations

Background Check Private Investigator

Background checks and cyber investigations are a major part of domestic investigator work since they can reveal whether those you trust really deserve your esteem. Extensive checks are done through public and private databases to find out if and what criminal history an individual has.

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