Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance refers to using electronic, photographic, audio recording, and other technological equipment to monitor activities in a covert manner.

Fast Track Investigations employs state-of-the-art equipment and investigative techniques which are designed to ensure that evidence is obtained in accordance with applicable laws and ethical guidelines.

Surveillance Private Investigation

Fast Track Investigations specializes in all types of private investigative matters requiring surveillance. Frequently our investigators are called upon to carry out surveillance in order to secure evidence that may reveal:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Employment fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Spousal employment relative to maintenance issues
  • Issues relative to well-being of a child and custody
  • Civil and criminal issues
  • Person and asset locates

Depending upon your individual needs, Fast Track Investigations understands that some cases will require more resources to effectively gather evidence during your investigation.

We employ a first class team of highly trained/experienced professionals that have unrestricted licenses. They are strategic thinkers and have the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations. Our investigators are discreet and knowledgeable regarding Privacy Laws and Legislation. At the outset of every investigation, we create a customized plan of action in order to maximize our surveillance efforts. We provide regular reports of the surveillance activities to our clients as matters unfold. These high standards ensure the highest quality results in the most demanding of cases.

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